How we work

high quality from the begining to the end


Back to time of our grannies, all traditional foods were prepared by hand or by handcrafted machines. In our firm Sapori Antichi, we combine natural and pure ingredients with passion and manual skills. Increasing quality is our diamond point: it surprises even the most inflexible experts! Clearly, our production is slower and focused on small-scale trade market. This is the least we could do to guarantee the best of goodness!




Our tasting flavours arise from the very beginning of the production cycle. We use high-quality row materials, which strictly follow BRC and IFS requirements: the best and most well-known quality assurance certification in the world. Moeover, ingredients are manually selected before their entrance in the productive process. The “real” initial prepared is hand-made or it is mixed by bronze wire  drawing machines. This is the main step where a considerable effort is required together with some very artisan secrets… so to offer you a very special taste.



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